More often than not, it becomes clear that sitting at the desk restricts the mind. 

As  creatives, we need to constantly remind ourselves that the more experiences we have the higher the chances of our minds coming up with ideas that scare the hell out of us. Too often we remain chained to our desks and try without end to be creative. The restriction in motion seems to seize the free flow of ideas, making this work we love. so much harder than it ever should be. The deadlines will always exist, and the demand for fresh perspectives and thinking will never go away, so let's do ourselves a favour and escape often to improve what we see and what we think.  So my friend, if you are reading this, you really do need some time off. Get off the damn desk and go for a long walk, exactly what I will be doing right now, but I think I will keep my phone on (just incase) *wink*