2018 in Doodles

Spent a lot of time being stuck in Lagos Traffic this year, so instead of being angry for no sensible reason, I picked up a new habit out of boredom. I used the time to teach myself how to create minimal illustrations and animations using my mobile phone. My newfound obsession was called TRAFFICDOODLES(😃@trafficdoodles on IG); so everyday based on my road experiences, new illustrations/animations were born. I totally credit boredom for this, and it's a total change of perspective on what it means to be stuck and bored. I didn't care if my lines or motions were perfect nor did I overly criticize my creations, I just chose to continuously make my mistakes and share them regardless of judgements. So back to the cliché; BE FEARLESS, IT WORKS and FIND YOUR BOREDOM in the coming year.